Conrad Zinn

York, Cumberland, and Erie Counties, Pennsylvania

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Generation Five

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221. HENRY5 I. ZINN (John4, John3 Jacob, John Nicholas2, John1); born 8 December 1834 in York County, Pennsylvania; killed 13 December 1862 during the battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia (see below); married 15 September 1855 at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, by Reverend J. C. Bucher, MARY A. CLARK, born October 1837 in Pennsylvania, died 25 September 1920.455 Both Henry and Mary are buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Monroe Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

In 1860, the family was living in Monroe Township, Cumberland County, where Henry was enumerated as a teacher.456 The year 1862 must have been a terrible year for Mary, with one of her children dying of measles, another of diphtheria, and then in December her husband being killed at Frederickburg. In 1870, Mary, widow, was living in Shippensburg, Cumberland County, with her son, George, and her sister Frances Clark, born circa 1834 in Pennsylvania.457 Both Mary and Francis were enumerated as milliners. In 1900-1920, Mary was living in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania—by herself in 1900 and 1910 and with lodger Mary J. Gibson in 1920 (the 1920 federal census was taken 2 January 1920, Mary died September 1920).458

Children of Henry I. and Mary A. (Clark) Zinn (all born in Pennsylvania):459

  518 i. Elsie6 Myra Zinn; born circa 1856; died of measles in 1862.
  519 ii. James Henry Zinn; born circa 1858, died of diphtheria in 1862.
+   520 iii. George Arthur Zinn; born January 1861; married circa 1893 Matilda L. [—?—].

Colonel Henry Zinn

Colonel Henry I. Zinn (1831-1862). Date and location not known. From Cumberland County, Pennsylvania in the Civil War, 1861-1865, with historical sketches by John D. Hemminger, 144+50 pages. Photograph kindly sent to me by Donna Heller Zinn.
Colonel Henry I. Zinn of The One Hundred and Thirtieth Regiment460

Henry's brief but distinguished military career began when he entered the service of the United States, 23 April 1862, as a First Lieutenant of the Seventh Pennsylvania Reserve, Company H. He resigned as a Captain in August 1862, and a few days later reentered the service as a Captain in Company F, One Hundred and Thirtieth Regiment. On 17 August 1862, two days after the Regiment was mustered at Harrisburg, Henry was promoted to Full Colonel of the Regiment. The 130th Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania consisted of three companies from York County, two from Cumberland County and two from Chester, Cumberland, Dauphin, Montgomery, and York Counties. Major battles fought were at Antietam, Maryland, on 17 September 1862; at Fredericksburg, Virginia, on 13 December 1862; and at Chancellorsville, Virginia, on 2 and 3 May 1863. The 130th was mustered out at Harrisburg on 21 May 1863.

At Antietam, Colonel Henry Zinn had his horse shot out from under him in a battle that resulted in 178 of his men killed or wounded. "Colonel Henry I. Zinn's Official Report" of this battle is cited in Civil War annuals of Antietam. Type "Antietam, Henry I. Zinn" in your search engine to read his account. After the September battle at Antietam, the 130th spent time at Harper's Ferry (confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers in the states of West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland) before crossing the Rappahannock and into Fredericksburg on 12 December, 1862. The battle, or charge if you wish, started the next morning, with the advancing 130th receiving fire from both the left and right and especially in front. In the ensuing chaos and carnage, many federal troops apparently were killed by what we call "friendly fire" today. Dismayed, whole regiments started to fall back. To describe our ancestor Colonel Henry I. Zinn's last moments, here is an excerpt from the noted family and Civil War historian Samuel P. Bates in his biography section of Martial Deeds of Pennsylvania:461

. . . The One Hundred and Thirtieth was about to follow, when Colonel Zinn, rising up, clasping the banner which had been presented by the State in his left hand, and waving his sword with the right, called out:
"Stick to your standards, boys! The One Hundred and Thirtieth never abandons its standard!."
Hardly had he uttered the words when he fell, pieced in the temple by a Minie?ball. But the regiment, now under the command of Captain Porter, stuck to its standard, and a portion of it did not leave the field until after night-fall."
Thus fell one of the truest and boldest spirits that went forth from the Keystone State to do battle for his county. It was not a reckless bravery - a daring without thought - but with appreciative heroism, he went with considered step to his death.

Say not so!
Tis not the grapes of Canaan that repay,
But the high faith that failed not by the way.
Virtue treads paths that end not in the grave;
No ban of endless night exiles the brave
And to the saner mind
We rather seem the dead that stayed behind.

James Russell Lowell
Henry I. Zinn was a son of John and Mary (Beitzel) Zinn. One of John Zinn's brothers was my great great grandfather, Conrad Zinn, see #85.

225. SAMUEL5 ZINN (Daniel4, John3 Jacob, John Nicholas2, John1); born circa 1822 in Pennsylvania; apparently died by the time of the 1870 federal census; married (tentative) ELIZABETH HEIDLER; daughter of C. and E. Heidler. Elizabeth was born circa 1822 in Pennsylvania; died 28 April 1882;462 buried in Fairview Cemetery, Erie, Pennsylvania.

In 1850 and 1860, Samuel, Elizabeth, and family were living in Millcreek Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania, where Samuel was enumerated as a farmer.463 In 1870, Elizabeth and family were still in Millcreek Township, Pennsylvania.464 In 1880, Elizabeth was living in the household of her son Samuel I. Zinn and family in Millcreek Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania.465 Elizabeth’s will was written 9 November 1881; recorded 27 May 1882.466

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth (Heidler) Zinn:467

  521 i. Levi6 Zinn; born circa 1842. Re his mother’s will: “to my son Levi D. Zinn, if he still be living my house and lot. . . who has been absent and unheard from for about 13 years.” There was a Levi D. Zinn, born circa 1842, enlisted in Company I, Michigan 1st Cavalry Regiment on 12 August 1862; mustered out on 21 July 1865 at Washington, DC (re U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles) online in
  522 ii. Matilda S. Zinn; born circa 1844; married Noah Waidley (also Weidley and Weidle); born circa 1842 in Pennsylvania. In 1880, Noah, Matilda and children were living in Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania, where Noah was listed as a farmer. In 1900, Noah, Matilda and daughter Mabel were in Fairview Township, Erie County.
Children known initially from the 1880 and 1900 federal censuses (all born in Pennsylvania):
(a) Lottie Waidley, born circa 1866.
(b) Rufus John Waidley, born 21 November 1874; married Nettie (Netta) Pearl [—?—]; born 22 July 1881 in Ohio; died 8 August 1967; last Social Security residence: Rocky River, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, at which time she was a widow. The family lived in Cleveland, Ohio in 1910, (page 15A), 1920 (page 2A) and 1930 (2A), where Rufus was a sheet metal worker.
Child of Rufus and Nettie Waidley known from the federal censuses:
(i) Mildred F. Waidley; born 12 June 1906 in Cleveland, Ohio; died 17 October 2001 in Bay Village, Cuyahoga County, Ohio (re Ohio Deaths, 1958-2002, online at Mildred was not listed with her parents in 1930. She married [—?—] Anderson.
(c) Mabel Waidley, born June 1886.468
+   523 iii. Samuel I. Zinn; born 10 July 1848; married Mary E. Miller.
  524 iv. William Zinn; born circa 1850.
  525 v. John A. Zinn; born circa 1852, died 11 May 1881 in Fairview, Erie County, Pennsylvania;469 married, 27 October 1877, Emma English,470 born circa 1859 in Pennsylvania. In 1870, John, single, was living in the household of George and Elizabeth [Berri] Miller in Fairview Township, Erie County.471 (George Miller was probably the George Miller, brother of Mary Miller, who married John A. Zinn’s brother Samuel I. Zinn.) In 1880, John, Emma and infant son Harvey were living in Millcreek Township, Erie County. (This Harvey Zinn was probably the Harry Zinn, born July 1872, living with his uncle Doc Zinn (#530), and working in Doc's saloon as a bartender in 1900.472) In 1880, John was enumerated as a farm laborer, having an abscess on his ?side. John D. Kelley (“my friend”), executor of Elizabeth Zinn’s will, was directed to erect a tombstone on John’s grave.
Child of John and Emma (English) Zinn, known from the 1880 federal census:
(a) Harvey (?Harry) Zinn, born July 1879 in Pennsylvania.
  526 vi. Cyrus Zinn; born circa 1853; died after the 1880 federal census but before his mother wrote her will in November 1881; married Rozina [—?—]; born circa 1852 in Pennsylvania; apparently she was also deceased by 9 November 1881, when Cyrus’s mother, Elizabeth, wrote her will. Cyrus was enumerated as a railroad employee in 1880.
Known children in 1880 when the family was living in Erie Borough, Pennsylvania:
(a) Clara (also Clarabel) Zinn, born circa 1874.
(b) Frank W. Zinn, born circa 1877.
(c) Nellie Zinn, born circa 1879.473
  527 vii. Frank N. Zinn; born circa 1855; in 1870 Frank was living in the household of Clayton and Mary Heidler in Fairview Township, Erie County.474 There was a Frank N. Zinn who married Amy Hildreth 25 September 1879 in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.475
  528 viii. George E. Zinn; born circa 1857; died 17 June 1882; married Nellie [—?—]; born circa 1855. No children listed in 1880 when George, a railroad employee, and Nellie were living in Erie Borough, Pennsylvania.476 George E. Zinn’s will is in Erie County Courthouse Will Book volume 10, page 15 (not seen).
  529 ix. Emanuel Zinn; born circa 1858.
  530 x. Curtis (called Doc, even in documents) Zinn; born 1860; died 11 October 1925; buried in Section G of Fairview Cemetery, Fairview Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania. He married, 26 March 1885, Ione R. Whipple;477 born circa 1867 in Pennsylvania. Apparently Doc and Ione did not have children. D. C. Zinn was a milk peddler on Peach Street in Erie in the 1890s.478 In 1900, Doc and Ione were living in Erie, Pennsylvania, where Doc was listed as a saloon keeper.479 Also in the household was Ione's mother, Susannah Whipple, born September 1841 in Pennsylvania, and Doc's nephew "Harry" (probably should be Harvey, see under Samuel Zinn (#225), who was listed as a bartender (probably in Doc's saloon). In 1910, Doc, Ione, mother-in-law Susannah and niece Pearl Landon (born circa 1896—I can not place her) were still living in Erie Borough, Pennsylvania.480 Doc C. Zinn’s estate (no will) was administered by Ione Zinn.481 In 1930, Ione and her mother, age 87, were still living in Erie Borough.482

227. EVALINE5 ZINN (Daniel4, John3 Jacob, John Nicholas2, John1); born circa 1832 in Pennsylvania; married JOHN RHODES; born 1820 in Ohio; both his parents were born in Germany.

In 1860, John, Evaline and children were living in Girard Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania.483 In 1870 and 1880, the family was in Pioneer, Cherrytree Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania, an area of intense oil activity at that time, located near Titusville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. John was listed as a teamster in 1870 and with no occupation in 1880.484 Also living with the family in 1870 was Evaline's sister Sarah Ripley.

Children of John and Evaline (Zinn) Rhodes known from the 1860, 1870 and 1880 federal censuses:

  531 i. Harley6 D. Rhodes; born March 1850 in Pennsylvania; married Catherine Reynolds, born January 1866 in Pennsylvania. Harley was still single in 1870 and 1880, when he was enumerated as an oil producer. In 1900, Harley, Catherine and family were in Cornplanter Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania (census page 10B), where Harley was still listed as an oil producer. Also with the family in 1900 was Mintie? Reynolds, sister-in-law, born January 1880 in Pennsylvania. By 1910, the family was in Clarksburg, West Virginia, where Harley was listed as a laborer.485
Child known from the 1900 federal census was
(a) Lenore Rhodes, born August 1896 in Pennsylvania.
  532 ii. John Calvin Rhodes; born July 1852 in Ohio; married Cora Blair [—?—] born March 1860 in Pennsylvania (maiden name possibly Blair). In 1880, John, Cora and son, Roy, were in Cherrytree Township, Venango County, where John was listed as an oil producer.486 In 1900, the family was living in Zelienople, Butler County, Pennsylvania, where John was enumerated as an oil pumper (page 7A). By 1920, the family was in New Brighton, Beaver County, Pennsylvania, where John Calvin was listed as a lather in the Nail Mill (page 6A).
Children known from the federal censuses (all born in Pennsylvania):
(a) Roy Calvin Rhodes, born January 1880 in Pennsylvania.
(b) Carrie M. Rhodes: born May 1882.
(c) Claude H. Rhodes; born 6 March 1884 in Pioneer, Venango County, Pennsylvania; married Edna Hartzell; born circa 1884 in Pennsylvania. In 1910, the family was in Zelienople, Pennsylvania, where Claude was enumerated as a moulder in the Rubber Works (page 6B). Also with the family in 1910 was Edna's father, Jacob Hartzell, widower; born circa 1858 in Pennsylvania. In 1920, Claude, widower, and children were living with Claude's parents in New Brighton, Pennsylvania, where he was listed as a railroad clerk. In 1942, re Claude's World War II Draft Registration Card, Claude was living in Meadville, Pennsylvania, and listed as working for National Bearings Metals. Also at his Draft Card address was Ruth E. Rhodes, probably a second wife.
Children of Claude and Edna (Hartzell) Rhodes known from the federal censuses:
(i) Myrte E. Rhodes; born circa 1908 in Pennsylvania.
(ii) Ruth C. Rhodes; born circa 1910 in Pennsylvania.
(iii) James H. Rhodes; born circa 1912 in Pennsylvania.
(iv) John J. Rhodes; born circa 1917 in California (is this a mistake?).
(d) Claire S. Rhodes (daughter); born December 1886.
(e) Cora Hazel Rhodes; born August 1890; married [—?—] Sarg. By 1920 Hazel, a widow, and children were living with her parents in New Brighton, Pennsylvania.
Children of Cora Hazel and husband known from the 1920 federal census (all born in Pennsylvania):
(i) John H. Sarg; born circa 1912.
(ii) Helen B. Sarg; born circa 1915.
(iii) Margaret Jean Sarg; born circa 1917.
  533 iii. Caroline (Carrie) Rhodes; born circa 1857; listed as born in Ohio in the 1860 and 1870 federal censuses, but listed as born in Pennsylvania in the 1880 federal census; marital status was listed as divorced in the 1880 census.
  534 iv. Josephus Rhodes; born circa 1869 in Pennsylvania.
  535 v. Lena V. Rhodes; born circa 1873 in Pennsylvania.

Also in the Pioneer area in 1880 (same census page) was an H. H. Rhodes, laborer, born circa 1843 in Ohio and his family (wife Edith A, and children Valma, Myrtle, and Bessie). Possibly H. H. Rhodes was a son of John Rhodes and a first wife.

230. MARY5 ELIZABETH ZINN (Conrad4, John3 Jacob, John Nicholas2, John1); born March 1825 in Pennsylvania; married STEPHEN LANE, born circa 1815. Depending on the census, our Stephen Lane has been variously reported born in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan and England.

In 1850, Stephen, Elizabeth and family were in Harborcreek, Erie County, Pennsylvania, where Stephen was listed as a miller.487 Living in the next household was Mary Elizabeth's parents, Conrad and Elizabeth Zinn and family. By 1860, the family was in Beloit, Wisconsin, where Stephen was a miller.488 The birth locations of the children indicate the family made several moves: Pennsylvania, Maryland?, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. In 1880, Mary E. Lane, widow, born circa 1825 in Pennsylvania, was living in Big Rapids, Mecosta County, Michigan, with children Georganelle/Georgana and William Lane.489 Note also that Mary’s brother Uriah Zinn (#234) lived in Big Rapids, Michigan. In 1893 and 1900, Mary (Zinn) Lane was living in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan with children William O. and Georgia (page 10B). In 1910, Mary E., age 86, was head of household with daughter Georgie in Big Rapids, Mecosta County, Michigan (page 3B). 490

Children of Stephen and Mary Elizabeth (Zinn) Lane known from the federal censuses:

  536 i. Frances6 Lane; born circa 1847 in Pennsylvania (the 1860 federal census for Beloit, Wisconsin, lists her born in Maryland).
  537 ii. Chester M. Lane; born circa 1848 in Girard (specific birth location from his Disabled Vounteer Soldiers information, see later), Erie County, Pennsylvania; married Ellen Dora [—?—]; born circa 1869 in Illinois. Chester was a Civil War veteran, Union side, 17th Illinois Calvary, January 1864 to 10 Decembeer 1865, as reported in Civil War Pension Index, 1861-1934 and in his vitae for the "Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers," see later. In 1900, the family was in Beardstown, Cass County, Illinois, where Chester was enumerated as a saloon keeper (page 18A). The family lived in Peoria, Illinois, in 1910, when Chester M. was enumerated in real estate. In 1920, Chester M. and Dora had moved to Los Angeles, California, where Chester was listed as a builder in real estate (page 1A). In 1930, still in Los Angeles, Chester was listed as divorced. In 1932, Chester M., born 1848 in Girard, Erie County, Pennsylvania, was admitted to the U. S. Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers; his occupation was given as business.
Children of Chester and Ellen Dora Lane known from the 1900 an 1910 federal censuses (both born in Illinois):
(a) Nellie E. Lane; born July 1884. In 1910, Nellie, single, was still living with her parents in Peoria, Illinois.
(b) Harry C. Lane; born 4 February 1887 in Springfield, Illinois; married Sarah [—?—]; born circa 1889 in Nebraska. Harvey C was still living with his parents in 1910. In 1918, re Harry's World War I Draft Registration Card, Harry, wife and child were living in Los Angeles, and Harry was manager of Owl Drug Store. In 1920, Harry, Sarah and daughter Helen were still in Los Angeles and Harry was listed as a retail druggist.(page 14B). In 1930, Sarah and Helen were still in Los Angeles, where Sarah was listed as divorced (page 7A).
Child of Harry and Sarah Lane:
(i) Helen D. Lane; born circa 1912 in California.
  538 iii. Georgianna (variously spelled) Lane; born circa 1850 in Pennsylvania. Georgianna apparently did not marry. She was enumerated with her mother in 1880, 1900, and 1910. No occupations were listed for Georgianna.
  539 iv. Mary? Lane; born circa 1852 in Ohio. Known only from the 1860 and 1880 federal censuses when she was living with her mother.
  540 v. Alice Lane; born circa 1856 in Illinois.Known only from the 1860 and 1880 federal censuses when she was living with her mother.
  541 vi. Annabella Lane; born circa 1860 in ?Illinois. Known only from the 1880 federal censuses when she was living with her mother.
  542 vii. William O. Lane; born September 1862 in Illinois. In 1880, William, single, was living with his mother and siblings in Big Rapids, Michigan. In 1900, William, single, now head of household, was in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his mother and sister Georgia; he was enumerated as a home painter.

231. JOSIAH5 J. ZINN (Conrad4, John3 Jacob, John Nicholas2, John1) (my great grandfather, usually called "J J."); born 18 September 1830 in Erie County, Pennsylvania; died 13 November 1915 in Oil Creek Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania;491 buried in Grove Hill Cemetery, Oil City, Venango County, Pennsylvania.492 Josiah married circa 1850 in Erie County, Pennsylvania,493 AUGUSTA WILHELMINE PETERSON (called Minnie); born 5 January 1830 in Hamburg (Saxony),494 Germany; died 1 March 1900 in Oil City; buried in Grove Hill Cemetery, Oil City, Pennsylvania.495

The Venango County Register of Deaths, 1893-1906,496 reported Wilhelmine, of Hamburg, Germany, died of asthma, 3 weeks duration. Her obituary in the Oil City Blizzard (1 March 1900—the same day she died) reported the family had been in Oil City for about 3 years. Wilhelmine died at her home, 111 West Front Street, Oil City. Funeral services were in the Second Presbyterian Church, Oil City, conducted by Reverend C. H. Jones.

I have some circumstantial evidence, but no proof, on Wilhemine’s mother and sister. The ship Colieri arrived in New York City from Hamburg, Germany, 10 July 1847.497 There were three Petersons from Germany on the Colieri’s passenger list, all of the same family and all females: A. M. D. Peterson, age 35 (born circa 1812); A. W. Peterson, age 17 (born circa 1830); and J. E. Peterson, age 11 (born circa 1836). The A. W. Peterson would fit the criteria for Augusta Wilhelmine Peterson, known to have been born in Hamburg, Germany, 5 January 1830. The A. M. D. Peterson most likely would have been Wilhelmine’s mother and the J. E. Peterson probably was Wilhelmine’s sister.

There are two record that might relate to these Petersons in Erie County, Pennsylvania. One is from the St. John’s Lutheran Church (Erie, Pennsylvania) Index to Marriages, 1850-1885, Book 2, page 262: Dorothea Peterson, 19 August 1852. Groom: Carl Eduard August Miller von Beonik, from Münche, Bavaria. Bride: Dorothea Petersen nee Hofmeister from Hamburg, Germany; witness C. and Elis. (Elizabeth?) Mevius.” However the 1860 federal census for Erie, Erie County, Pennsylania (census page 170, stamped 317) lists a Dorothea Peterson as head of household, running a boarding house in Erie, Pennsylvania, born circa 1811 in Hamburg, Germany. Could Dororthea and Carl Edward Miller have separated by 1860?

Note that Conrad Zinn was on the subscription list of the St. John’s Lutheran Church, 1841-1842.498 Could A. M. D. Peterson be Dorothea Peterson? If so, one scenario could be that Dorothea Hofmeister married [—?—] Peterson and had at least two daughters: Augusta Wilhemine Peterson and J. E. Peterson. Dorothea’s husband died (or less likely came to America before bringing his family), and Dorothea and her two daughters came to America in 1847. By 1850, Wilhelmine had married Josiah Zinn in Erie County, Pennsylvania, and in 1852, Dorothea married Carl Eduard August Miller von Beonik in Erie, Pennsylvania. Perhaps they separated or Carl Eduard Miller died by 1860.

In 1850, a Hanna (?Johanna) Peterson, age 17, born in Germany, was living with an Isaac (age 29) and Rena Rosensweig (age 20) and Isaac W. (age 30) and Luna Neuberger (age 28) and their families, all born in Germany, in the West Ward of Erie.499 Could Hanna have been related to our Petersons?

Federal censuses and numerous Zinn deeds recorded in Erie County, Venango County, and Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, give the names of Josiah and Wilhelmine’s children and indicate the movements of the Zinn family in the nineteenth century. Josiah and Wilhelmine were married in Erie County, Pennsylvania in 1850; but by 17 September 1850, Josiah and Wilhelmine were living in Tallmadge Township, Summit County, Ohio.500 There were no children at this time; Josiah’s occupation was given as a miller. By 1851, Josiah and Wilhelmine were probably back in Erie County, Pennsylvania, since their first child, Charles, was born circa 1851 in Pennsylvania.501

Josiah was a miller and moved often. From about 1854 to at least 1864, the family lived in Amboy, Ashtabula County, Ohio.502 Amboy is about two and half miles southwest of Conneaut, Ohio, and about one half mile north of Conneaut Creek. At that time Josiah was possibly working in the Empire Mills, which was located on nearby Conneaut Creek. By November 1864, Josiah was in Albion Borough, Erie County, Pennsylvania, where he and his father were operating a gristmill known as the Albion Mills.503 Albion is only about 25 miles east of Amboy, Ohio. By 1870, Josiah and family lived in Linesville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, where Josiah continued with his miller occupation and had real estate valued at $1,500.504

In 1880, Josiah, Minnie and children Ida, Harley and Minnie were living in Meadville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania.505 Josiah was listed as a miller and Harley as a miller apprentice. Ida was listed with a sprained ankle. The household reports both Josiah and Minnie and their parents were born in Pennsylvania. For Minnie and her parents this is wrong.

The next deed that I have in the name of Josiah Zinn was not until 1889, when the family was living in Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.506 One wonders what brought them to Westmoreland County. The only Zinn on a printout for Zinn censuses indices (1790-1870) for Westmoreland County was a Mathias Zinn, born circa 1858 in Pennsylvania. Possibly Josiah and family were back in Ohio in the 1880s.

On 17 September 1889, Josiah’s daughter, Ida Louise Zinn, married Hugh McCune Clifford in Elk Creek Township, Erie County.507 This suggests that Josiah and Wilhelmine had left Westmoreland County by this time and were now living in Elk Creek Township. In 1893 (the year their grandson Ralph Zinn Clifford was born), Josiah, Minnie, and probably son Harley were in Elk Creek Township, Erie County, re the quit claim deed of Josiah and siblings to John Dolan.508 But by 1894, the family was back in Westmoreland County, living in Jeannette, West Penn Township.509

By the early 1890's, or perhaps even earlier, Josiah and son Harley had gone into business with Josiah’s son-in-law, or son-in-law to be, Hugh McCune Clifford, doing business as Clifford and Zinn and Company.510 I do not know what kind of business. Apparently Josiah's (and Hugh McCune Clifford’s) business ventures in Westmoreland County went badly; and starting in 1896, some Jeannette, Westmoreland County, properties of Josiah and Harley Zinn, "trading as Zinn and Son," were sold to discharge debts and distribute their holdings among creditors.511

From Land Records for Westmoreland County, 1896:512

J. J. Zinn, wife Minnie, H. A. Zinn, singleman of Boro of Jeanette, Westmoreland County and J. J. Zinn and H. A. Zinn partners trading as J. J. Zinn and Son to Charles H. Hunter [in November of 1887, a Charles H. Hunter married Josiah’s daughter Minnie Zinn—see #?] of boro of Greensburg to discharge debts . . . distribution of estate among creditors. Lot in Jeanette, NW side of 4th St. - SW side Patton . . . conveyed to Zinn in 1894 . . . formerly Hempfield Township - on Mt. Pleasant Rd - Chas Knobelock to Mrs. Minnie Zinn (dower interest513 excepting Minnie’s separate property).

In 1897, the properties of Clifford and Zinn and Company were sold at a Sheriff sale for taxes.514 Also in 1897, the Zinns, now living in Oil City, Venango County, Pennsylvania, sold more Westmoreland County property to Charles H. Hunter, of Greensburg, Pennsylvania.515 He was not the Charles P. Hunter who married Josiah and Wilhelmine’s daughter Minnie Zinn (see below).

The Westmoreland County business failures of 1896 and 1897 apparently wiped out the Zinns financially. By 1897, the Zinns had moved to Oil City and were living at 108 Orchard Street.516

Wilhelmine died in March 1900. By June 1900, when the 1900 federal census was taken, Josiah, Ida and son Ralph Clifford and Ida’s brother Harley were living as roomers in the household of C. [Charles] C. Kramer in Oil City, Venango County, Pennsylvania517 at 110 Front Street. I can find no relationship between the Kramers and our Zinns, although Charles C. Kramer was born in Germany. This Kramer family was probably associated with the Kramer Wagon Works of Oil City.

In 1905, more of the Zinn’s properties in Westmoreland County were sold at a sheriff sale, including a flour mill and store on the Jeannette lots.518 By 1910, Josiah was living with daughter Ida, son-in-law Justin J. (Jesse) DeVoge,519 and grandson Ralph Clifford in the Shamburg, Oil Creek Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania, area.520 I believe their home was near the old town site of Shamburg. The census report states that Justin was born in France and that Ida and Justin were married 4 years. The Shamburg area was the area where my mother, Edith Marie Fleming, was born and lived until she married my father, Ralph Zinn Clifford.

Josiah Zinn died 13 November 1915 in the Shamburg area, Oil Creek Township, Venango County.521

From the Titusville Herald 16 November 1915:
The funeral of Josiah Zinn was held yesterday morning at the Christian Church at Shamburg, Reverend Victor Bucher, of the Pleasantville Presbyterian Church, officiating. The bearers were W. P. Poor, W. H. H. Monroe, C. F. Roth and F. A. [probably should be S. A.] Lytle. The interment was in Oil City. Mr. Zinn died Saturday morning at 7 o’clock at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. J. Devogue [sic], at Shamburg. He was 85 years of age. Besides the daughter with whom he resided, he leaves another daughter, Mrs. Ella Smiley, of Union City, and four sons: Charles Zinn, of Butte, Montana; Frank Zinn, of Mercer [Pennsylvania]; Harley Zinn, of Oil City, and Albert Zinn, of Big Rapids, Michigan.

My great grandfathers Josiah J. Zinn and James Lytle (father of Josephine Lytle Fleming and grandfather of my mother, Edith Marie Fleming Clifford) were born on the same date, 18 September 1830. Probably because they were of the same generation, had grandchildren who had married (that is Ralph Zinn Clifford and Edith Marie Fleming) and lived near each other, they often visited each other when they were in their eighties. I believe I remember seeing a photograph of them together in a Fleming album. Family legend has it that they would carry on lively conversations with each other for hours, yet at their advanced age they were both stone deaf.

Children of Josiah and Wilhelmine (Peterson) Zinn:

+   545 i. Charles6 Cyrilla Zinn; born April 1851 in Ohio; married Mary (Eliza) Schell.
  546 ii. Albert Zinn; born October 1854, presumably in Amboy, Ashtabula County, Ohio; died circa 1915-1921; married Bella V. [—?—]; born April 1860 in Illinois. In 1880, Albert and Bell were living in Barton Township, Newaygo County, Michigan, where Albert was enumerated as a milkman (page 302). By 1900, Albert, Bell and children Clyde and Vera were living in Big Rapids, Mecosta County, Michigan, where Albert was listed as an electrician (page 7A). In 1910, Albert, Bell and Vera were still in Big Rapids, where Albert was enumerated as an engineer for the Water Works (page 1A). In 1915, at the time of his father’s death, Albert was still living in Big Rapids, Michigan.
Children of Albert and Bell Zinn known from the 1900 and 1910 federal censuses (both born in Michigan):
(a) Clyde C. Zinn; born September 1881. In 1900, Clyde, single and living with his parents, was enumerated as a pressman.
(b) Vera Zinn; born September 1898.
+   547 iii. Ella Zinn; born October 1857 in Ohio, probably Amboy, Ashtabula County; died 1 January 1921; buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Union City, Erie County, Pennsylvania; married Dallas Smiley.
+   548 iv. Ida Louise Zinn; born 20 August 1859; died 10 September 1945; married (first) Hugh McCune Clifford; married (second) Justin J. DeVoge.
  549 v. Franklin Zinn; born April 1861 in Ohio.522 Franklin was usually enumerated as Frank. He was liste as a tailor in all censuses reported. In 1880, single, he was living as a roomer in the household of L. J. Treat in Union City, Erie County, Pennsylvania (page 234). By 1900, Frank, married for 18 years, but no indication of wife or children, was in Grove City, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, where he was living alone (page 16A). In 1910, he was living alone in Sharpsville, Mercer County where he was listed as a widower (page 7A). 523 524 In 1915, when his father died, and 1921, when his brother Harley died, Frank was still living in Mercer Pennsylvania.525 An unidentified Daniel Zinn, born circa 1842, was living in Sharon, Hickory Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, in 1860.
  550 vi. Harley A. Zinn; born 17 June 1865 in Ohio; died 24 July 1921;526 buried in Grove Hill Cemetery, Oil City, Pennsylvania. Both Harley's obituary and death certificate have him born about 5 years later than he was in fact born. Harley apparently did not marry. In 1880, Harley was listed as a miller apprentice in the household of his father in Meadville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania.527 By the early 1890's, or perhaps even earlier, Harley had gone into some sort of business venture with his father, Josiah, and brother-in-law, Hugh McCune Clifford (my grandfather), "doing business as Clifford and Zinn and Company." I do not know what kind of business.

While in Oil City, Harley was a house painter and paperhanger. In 1910, he was living as a boarder in the household of Samuel Reese in Venango County, Pennsylvania, where he was enumerated as an interior decorator.528 When he died in 1921, he was living at 112 West Front Street, Oil City.529,530

We are please to annnouce that our new
is completed and ready for business. Our work shop is in charge of Mr. Harley Zinn, who has had wide experience in this line of work and with the new and improved machine we have just installed we are in a position to give you prompt and high-class workmanship. . . —Oil City Derrick (Oil City, Pennsylvania), 29 July 1907.

From the Oil City Blizzard, 25 July 1921:
Harry [sic] Zinn, aged 49 [sic], who sustained a fracture at the base of the skull when thrown from an auto at the north end of the White Bridge on Seneca St. died last night . . . Survived by one sister, Mrs. J. J. Devoge, of Pleasantville, and two brothers, C. C. Zinn, of Butler and Frank Zinn of Mercer.
+   551 vii. Minnie Zinn; born April 1867; married Charles H. Hunter.

232. SARAH5 ZINN (Conrad4, John3 Jacob, John Nicholas2, John1); born 1834 in Pennsylvania; married [—?—] MOSIER; born in Ohio according to the 1880 federal census record of her son Harry. In 1860, Sarah and children, but not her husband, were living with Sarah’s parents in Girard Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania.531 Sarah was the only child of Conrad and Elizabeth Zinn not signing the 1893 quit claim of Josiah and siblings to John Dolan of Albion Boro.532 Probably she had died by that time

Children of [—?—] and Sarah (Zinn) Mosier:

  552 i. Clarence6 Mosier; born circa 1857 in Pennsylvania.
  553 ii. Harry Mosier; born circa 1858 in Pennsylvania. In 1880, Harry was living with his Zinn grandparents in Albion Boro, Erie County, Pennsylvania. He was listed as a laborer and having dropsy.

Possibly another child was Mary Mosier who married A. (Andrew) J. Miller (see his biography below). Mary Mosier’s father was listed as Isaac Mosier.533

A. J. MILLER, farmer, P. O. North East, was born July 24, 1838, in Fairview Township, Erie Co., Penn., son of John and Elizabeth (Trout/Traut) Miller, natives of Pennsylvania, who had 9 ch., viz., Amos; George; Susan, wife of C. Rhusterhultz, have one child - Ella V.; John W., m. to Jennie Turner, have 4 ch - Claud H., Edward, Gilbert and Bertha; Rebecca, wife of A. Weidle, have 7 ch. Minnie, Sarah, George, Charles, Ida, Clyde, one deceased and Mary; Mary wife of S. Zinn, have 4 ch - Floyd, Harry, Lillie and Elton; William; Henry; and A. J. Our subject was m. Jan. 25 1872 to Mary, daughter of Isaac Mosier, natives of Pa. To this union were born 3 ch., viz., Anna E., George Elwood and Walter A. Mr. Miller served during the rebellion under Capt. D. B. McCrary, and was mustered out in 1865. He owns an excellent farm of 93 acres, 2 1/2 miles from North East village.534

234. URIAH5 ZINN (Conrad4, John3 Jacob, John Nicholas2, John1); born 1840 in Pennsylvania; died 23 December 1925; buried in Girard Cemetery, Erie County, Pennsylvania.535

Uriah apparently did not marry. Uriah was a Civil War veteran: Private, Company E, Third Veteran Reserve Corps; and Company B, 145th Pennsylvania Infantry. Application for benefits were made in Michigan.536

In 1880, Uriah was enumerated as single, “working in a shingle mill,” living in the household of Alex Tompkins, in Altona, Mecosta County, Michigan.537 In 1884, Uriah was in Cadillac, Michigan, where the Mecosta County, Michigan, 1884 Directory listed his occupation as “shooting gallery.”538 In 1893, Uriah was living in Pierce County, Washington.539 By 1910, Uriah was back in Big Rapids, Michigan; occupation listed as odd jobs. Uriah’s unmarried sister Addie was living with him in 1910 and 1920.540 Although Uriah was listed as a widower in 1910, I believe this is a census mistake. When Uriah died in 1925, Girard Cemetery information listed him as a residence of Big Rapids, Michigan.

235. MATILDA5 ZINN (Joseph4, John3 Jacob, John Nicholas2, John1); born 9 December 1822 in Pennsylvania; baptized 28 March 1823 in Strayer’s (Salem) Reformed Church, Dover Township, York County, Pennsylvania;541 died 25 March 1862 in Wellsburg, Erie County, Pennsylvania.542 In 1842, “Miss Matilda, daughter of Joseph Zinn of Erie County, Pennsylvania” married EMANUEL M. ZIEGLER (also ZIEGLAR, even ZEIGLER); born 5 March 1820, in Waterloo County, Upper Canada [Ontario];543 died 1890. He was a son of Dilman (?Ditman) and Catherine (Schwartz) Ziegler.544

Note: I have seen both "Ziegler" and "Zeigler" reported for the same family, and I have used both names, depending on the report.

According to his biography,545 Emanuel was a blacksmith and carriage maker in Wellsburg, (Albion Township, Erie County), and before that sold lightning rods for 16 years. After Matilda died in 1863, Emanuel married Margaret Jones, born circa 1844,546 and had child Ulysses G. Ziegler, born circa 1870 in Pennsylvania. In 1930, Ulysses and wife Esther [—?—], born circa 1866, were living in Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania, where Ulysses was enumerated as a blacksmith and listed as born in Canada instead of Pennsylvania.547

Birth place of the first three children indicates that Emanuel, Matilda and family were living in Canada (location not known) at least by the late 1840s and probably early 1850s. (I could not find Emanuel or Matilda in any of the United States federal censuses for 1850.) In 1860, Emanuel, Matilda and family were living in Elk Creek Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania, where Emanuel was listed as "Hotel." Also in the family in family in 1860 was Matilda's father, Joseph Zinn, listed as a laborer. In 1870, Emanuel, second wife Margaret, and children (of Matilda) Emma, Frank, Catherine, and William were living in Elk Creek Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania.548 In 1880, Emanuel, wife Margaret, Webster (child of Matilda), and Ulysses (child of Margaret) were still in Elk Creek Township, where Emanuel was enumerated as a blacksmith.549

Children of Emanuel and Matilda (Zinn) Ziegler (not all necessarily in order of birth):550

  554 i. Emma6 Ziegler; born March 1847, probably in Canada;551 married Julius (J. C.) Wells; born circa 1844. In 1880, Julius, Emma, daughter Nellie, and sister-in-law Kate Ziegler, were living in Elk Creek Township, Erie County, where Julius was listed as a tanner (spelling might be “farmer”).552 Julius was a Civil War veteran, Union Army, 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry, 238 Company, 1st Battalion.553 In 1900, Julius, Emma and Nellie were still living in Elk Creek Township, Erie County, where J. C. was enumerated as a "banking salesman." In June 1906, Emma Wells, widow, filed for her husband's Civil War pension; she filed in New York State.
Child of Julius and Emma (Ziegler) Wells: was
(a) Nellie Wells, born July 1872 in New York (adopted according to the 1900 census); married [—?—] Binnger. In 1910, Nellie Binnger and Emma Wells were in Elk Creek Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania.554
+   555 ii. Franklin B. Ziegler; born 1849 in Canada;555 died 1920—deceased by the time of the 1920 federal census; married Emma Jane Fellows.
  556 iii. Lucinda Ziegler; born circa 1850 in Canada; married Webster Winchester; born circa 1840. He was a son of Daniel and Perlina Winchester. In 1870 and 1880, Webster, Lucinda (no children) were living in Elk Creek Township, Erie County, where Webster was enumerated as a lightning rod salesman.556 Living near Webster and Lucinda in 1870 were Webster's parents, Daniel and Perlina Winchester.
  557 iv. George Ziegler; born circa 1852 in Pennsylvania; married Florence [—?—]; born circa 1858; no children listed in 1880, when George, enumerated as a peddler, and Florence were living in Elk Creek Township, Erie County.557
  558 v. Catherine (Kate) Ziegler; born June 1854 in Pennsylvania;558 married Frank Fellows; born September 1859. In 1880, Kate, not married, was living with her sister Emma and her husband Julius Wells and their family in Elk Creek Township, Erie County.559 In 1900 and 1910, Frank, Catherine and son, Donald, were in Elk Creek Township, where Frank was listed as a laborer on the railroad in 1900 and a stationary engineer in 1910.
Child of Frank and Catherine (Ziegler) Fellows known from the federal censuses
(a) Donald E. Fellows, born January 1882 in Pennsylvania; married Mary B. [—?—], born circa 1880. In 1920 and 1930, Donald and Mary were living in Albion, Erie County, Pennsylvania, where Donald was listed as a boilermaker. No children reported.560
  559 vi. William Ziegler; born circa 1859 in Pennsylvania.561
  560 vii. Daniel Webster Ziegler; born circa 1859 in Pennsylvania; married Lucinda [—?—], born March 1864 in Pennsylvania. Webster was enumerated as a blacksmith in 1880 when he was still living with father and step-mother in Elk Creek Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania.562 In 1900 (page 5B) and 1910 (page 20A), Webster, Lucinda were living in Girard Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania where Webster was still listed as a blacksmith..
Child of Webster and Lucinda Ziegler known from the federal censuses:
(a) Earl Clair Ziegler, born 17 December 1888 in Pennsylvania (middle name and specific birth date from his 1918 World War I Draft Registration Card when Earl, single, was living in Erie County and listed as a clothier).
  561 viii. Lavinda Ziegler; married Marsh Maxwell. No information on birth, spouse, or children.

There was a Nathan Ziegler, born circa 1851 in Pennsylvania, living in Elk Creek Township in 1880, with wife Clara [—?—]; born circa 1855 in Pennsylvania, and children William and Charles.563 In 1920, Clara, widow, was living in Erie Borough, Erie County, with daughter Mabel.564 Children (all born in Pennsylvania) known from the 1880 and 1920 federal censuses were (1) William Ziegler, born circa 1875, living with his mother in 1920 and enumerated as a laborer for public works; (2) Charles Ziegler, born circa 1878; and (3) Mabel R. Ziegler, born 1899, living with her mother in 1920 and enumerated as a clerk in an electric ?store.

239. SARAH5 A. ZINN (George4, John3 Jacob, John Nicholas2, John1); born July 1847 in Ohio; she was probably the Sarah Zinn who married MERRIMAN CASTLE, 15 December 1869, in Indiana. He was born August 1842 in Ohio.

In 1870, Merriman and Sarah were living in the household of Merriman's parents (Squire Castle, born in Canada, and Eda [—?—] Castle, born in Vermont), where Merriman was listed as a farmer.565 In 1880, Merriman (listed as John M.), Sarah and daughter were in Lowell Township, Lake County, Indiana (census page 607); and in 1900 they were in Cedar Creek, Lake County (census page 4B), where J. M. was enumerated as a merchant, and Sarah was reported with four children, three living. In 1920, John M. and Sarah A. were living by themselves. in Lowell, Lake County (page 4B). By 1930, Sarah was a widow and was living with her unmarried sister Alveretta Zinn in Lowell, Lake County, Indiana (page 6A).

Children of Merriman and Sarah (Zinn) Castle known from the federal censuses (all born in Indiana):

  562 i. Genevieve6 Castle; born circa 1875.
  563 ii. Gwen Castle; born October 1882.
  564 iii. Gwyneth Castle; born January 1888.

242. IDA5 ZINN (George4, John3 Jacob, John Nicholas2, John1); born 19 June 1854 in Indiana; died 21 February 1943 in Holyoke County, Colorado; married, 27 February 1878, ALBERT EDWARD PATRICK, born 22 November 1856 in Indiana; died 23 April 1934 in Holyoke County, Colorado.

In 1880, Albert and Ida, no children, were living next to Ida's father, George, and family, where Albert was listed as a farmer. The family lived in Nebraska in 1900 and in Phillips County, Colorado, in 1910, 1920, and 1930.566

Except for Bessie Gay, children of Albert and Ida (Zinn) Patrick known from the federal censuses (all born in Nebraska):

  565 i. E. George6 G. Patrick; born 17 July 1882; died 8 March 1948 in Los Angeles, California (re California Death Index, 1940-1977). In 1920 Geore E. was living in Lusk, Niobrara. Wyoming, where he was listed as married (no indication of a wife) and working as a freighter (page 15B).
  566 ii. Bessie Gay Patrick; born 1 February 1887 in Seward, Nebraska; died 11 June 1979 in California; married Jesse Franklin Presba; born 8 March 1886 in South Dakota. In 1910 Jesse and Gay and daughter Katherine were living with Gay's parents in Philllips County, Colorado, where Jesse was listed as a carpenter (page 1A). The family was still in Phillips County in 1920 (page 17A).
Children of Jesse and Gay (Patrick) Presba known from the federal censuses:
(a) Kaye L Presba; born circa 1910 in South Dakota.
(b) Helen M. Presba; born circa 1913 in Colorado.
(c) Clyde F. Presba; born circa 1916 in Colorado.
(d) Ida J. Presba; born (private).
(e) Albert W. Presba; born (private).

Barbara Elaine (Scott) Tompkins descends from Jesse and Bessie Gay Presba and has been generous in sharing her descent from George and Elizabeth M. Zinn.567
  567 iii. Jessie Patrick; (daughter), born March 1888.
  568 iv. Vera D. Patrick; born October 1889.
  569 v. Mabel A. Patrick; born September 1895.

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